2017 was a year of change: New programs, innovative initiatives and a brighter San Diego.



Looking back on the year and forward to a better future.


Through the faithful support of our donors, partners, volunteers and staff, we have accomplished much over the past year. I am proud to share these successes in the 2017 Annual Report that demonstrate that an investment in Father Joe’s Villages is an investment in life-changing results.

This year, your investment provided safe and welcoming housing for more than 2,000 people a night. It also was a source of hope for over 13,100 neighbors in need through the provision of meals, medical and dental care, employment training, childcare and more. 

Danielle, a mother and Veteran, is one of the people who we helped in 2017. Before Father Joe’s Villages, Danielle, homeless for the first time, felt scared and alone. 

You could have turned your back, or closed the door on me. However, when I came knocking on your door for help when at my worst... you decided to take a chance on me. I now have an opportunity to start a new life with my son, because you helped me start one.

 In the last five years, Father Joe’s Villages has helped 5,600 people, like Danielle and her son, move into permanent housing, ending their homelessness.

I am particularly proud of two housing programs that started in 2017 and have allowed us to expand our services to two different populations in desperate need of help: Veterans and Transitional Age Youth.

Father Joe’s Villages is honored to have been chosen by the Veteran’s Administration (the only award given in the whole county) to provide specialized care to homeless Veterans with the most complicated medical and mental health issues. This program continues our deep commitment to helping Veterans enjoy the freedoms they fought to protect. 

The other continues our commitment to youth. The Rapid Rehousing program for Youth ages 18-24 provides young people with rental assistance, case management and other critical support they need to live on their own.

2017 also stands out because we introduced Turning the Key, our bold initiative to add 2000 units of affordable housing to our region. We have made significant progress, with 600 units already in the pipeline.

These are just a few reasons why Father Joe’s Villages is a good investment. But there are even more. Charity watchdog organizations say that top-rated charities should spend at least 75% of their budget on programs and services. In, 2017, 83% of our funding went to programs and services.

It’s clear that when you make an investment in Father Joe’s Villages, either as a major donor, a monthly donor or a one-time giver of household goods, vehicles or money, we all get something back: a brighter San Diego.

Yours in God’s service to our neighbors in need,