Meet our investors

Our supporters, donors and volunteers want to see all of San Diego shine.


The Delapa Family

Making magic for children in need.


Jim DeLapa, CEO of Kiran Analytics, his wife Kim and their children’s involvement with Father Joe’s Villages began when a friend told them about the good work of the agency and asked for a contribution. Over the last 15 years, the DeLapa’s commitment to the organization has grown to a steadfast dedication to our mission and to improving the lives of children experiencing homelessness in San Diego. Why did I think writing a check was enough? I can make a bigger impact.” 

Jim says that when the family started to get more involved and learned the magnitude of the issue, they “got really inspired by the work of Father Joe’s Villages, especially the Therapeutic Childcare Center.” He said, “As I got to know the organization and got more involved, I thought, ‘Why did I think writing a check was enough? I can make a bigger impact.”’ And he has.

For the last four years, Jim and his family have taken the lead in planning and raising funds for an annual Children’s Christmas party. In addition to the countless hours they spend on ensuring that the children have a magical holiday experience, he and Kim are loyal donors and leaders in getting their friends, family and employees involved. Jim also served on the Board of Directors for five years. His term ended in December 2017.

I want to state emphatically that a contribution to the organization is a good investment. If you evaluate your investment based on return on investment (ROI), Father Joe’s Villages stacks up really well.

Jim shared, “Serving on the Board, I was able to see a whole other side of the operation. The leadership… these are people that could work at the C-level in any corporation in San Diego. They are smart and talented people.”

When asked why Jim has continued to give over the years, Jim said: 

When you invest in Father Joe’s Villages, you are investing in people who will get personally involved at the core level of homelessness. In the end we have to get to people who are on the street and forge a path for them to get back on their feet. This is what Father Joe’s Villages does, this is where the ROI comes from.”



Ed Witt, Outgoing Boardchair

Giving back to the San Diego community.


Over the decades, Ed Witt has established himself as a leader in the local community through his role as family man, philanthropist and business owner. 

Ed and his wife Ann have been regular supporters of Father Joe's Villages for over 20 years. This eventually led Ed to join our Board of Directors and then to serve as Chairman of the Board. Although Ed completed his term as Chairman in 2017, his involvement in the organization is as strong as ever and he encourages others to get involved too.

We must work together to invest in the future of San Diego. Donations from local businesses, foundations and individuals are the only way to make these critical programs possible.

Through his own business, Witt Lincoln, a family-owned dealership selling luxury Lincoln vehicles, Ed has consistently supported Father Joe's Villages. Witt Lincoln is especially involved with fundraising events, including its role as the premiere sponsor of the 32nd and 33rd Annual Children's Charity Gala.

Over the past few years, Ed has also been a key vocal supporter of Father Joe's Villages' large-scale initiatives by speaking publicly on our behalf and helping raise funds.

Through 67 years of helping people who are homeless in San Diego, Father Joe’s Villages has found that unlocking solutions requires more than just a place to call home.
If you give money to a national charity there is a filter… and some of that money just doesn’t land in your community. Working with Father Joe’s Villages, I know that all of the treasure that I am able to give is directly working in my community.